Handle complex consolidation challenges with auditor precision

Automate the consolidation for your entire corporate group and deliver accurate reporting in 15 minutes.

Konsolidator® is used by 250+ groups

The impossible three in one

Finance professionals are constantly pressured to deliver accurate data, compelling financial reports, and actionable insights for their groups.
So, the ultimate power move you can make is to automate your consolidation.

Konsolidator is your three-in-one solution.
You get automated consolidation, error-free results, and budget-friendly pricing.

& automated

Get a cloud-based software on a subscription basis. Konsolidator starts at just €5.000 a year and fits any size group.


Fast & simple consolidation

Eliminate the complexity and monotony of consolidation through automation and cut consolidation time by 50%.


financial data

Get a structured and centralized SQL source for your data. Have peace of mind that your numbers are always accurate, free of errors, and easy to retrieve.







Improve your finance function with Konsolidator

Konsolidator’s cloud-based financial consolidation software is the tool you need to remove the complexity from consolidation, enhance reporting, save time, and make better decisions for your group.

With a standardized method and a dashboard the guides your through the consolidation process you get consistency, efficiency and accuracy.

Use an auditor-tested method

Forget the hassle of complex Excel consolidation and outdated local consolidation systems. Konsolidator makes it easy to automate calculations with the same precision as an auditor. Everything is standardized in Konsolidator, providing you with a well-tested and accurate method for your consolidation and reporting.

Do a full consolidation in 15 minutes

Gain extra time for strategic analysis, as Konsolidator handles consolidation and reporting for you. With Konsolidator, you can perform a full consolidation in less than 15 minutes. Instead, invest your time in generating quick insights that facilitate strategic decision-making.

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Konsolidator is cloud software, so you have it at your fingertips whenever you need it and wherever you are in the world. Additionally, costs are low, and the security level is high.

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Find out how easily you can handle complex consolidation, including intercompany eliminations, multiple currencies, and minority shares.