Financial consolidation
with Konsolidator®

Automate and streamline financial consolidation with Konsolidator
for fully audit-compliant results at the click of a button. Get clear overviews and quicker insights for executives.

An innovative approach to consolidation

With Konsolidator, you get a  standardized and simple financial solution that contains all elements for financial consolidation and ensures compliance with local GAAP and IFRS requirement.

Consolidation of group and sub-groups  in Konsolidator includes:

  • Automated consolidation of Actual, Budget, and Forecast numbers , including:
    • Profit & Loss including segments, business units, or product lines
    • Balance Sheet
    • Financial and Operational KPIs
  • Cash Flow statements for subsidiaries, sub-group, and parent group
  • Intercompany eliminations
  • Elimination of investment in subsidiaries
  • Minority share calculation and elimination
  • Currency translation and exchange rate adjustments
Automate manual processes

Automate manual processes

Automate and accelerate tedious consolidation tasks with Konsolidator. Generate financial results faster, providing higher quality data and empowering improved strategic decision-making.
Work across teams

Work across teams

Achieve high data quality with one single source. Control user access, avoid conflicts, and delegate tasks to subsidiaries for faster, accurate reporting.
Get a structured data warehouse

Get a structured data warehouse

Access data instantly, anytime, and anywhere. Extract and compare numbers swiftly. Create historical financial overviews for stakeholders and track your group’s financial development over time.
Number cruncher or trusted advisor?

Number cruncher or trusted advisor?

Gain back time for Finance Business Partnering. Spend time devising and executing financial strategies that increase profitability, minimize costs, and increase cash flow to enable growth.
Full audit trail and transparency

Full audit trail and transparency

Trace changes in each figure, adjustment, and posting. You get a full audit trail with documentation of transactions between subsidiaries and groups.
Efficiently identify and eliminate errors

Efficiently identify and eliminate errors

Gain confidence in the accuracy of your financial data. Konsolidator highlights and informs you of any errors in the consolidation so you can correct and resolve them.

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Preferred by forward-thinking CFOs for digitalizing finance functions, Konsolidator has empowered hundreds of companies to transform their finance operations. Discover customer success stories from diverse industries and countries, showcasing the impact of our software.

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