Financial consolidation with Konsolidator®

Automate and streamline the financial consolidation process with Konsolidator® to get fully audit-compliant consolidation with the click of a button. Eliminate error-prone Excel consolidation and obsolete on-premise solutions to speed up your consolidation process. With Konsolidator®, you can quickly get a clear overview of your group while delivering numbers and insights to executives faster.

A modern approach to consolidation with Konsolidator®

With Konsolidator®, you get a  standardized and simple financial solution  tha t contains all elements for financial consolidation. You can ensure compliance with local GAAP and IFRS requirements.

Consolidation of group and sub-groups  in Konsolidator® includes:

  • Automated consolidation of Actual, Budget, and Forecast numbers , including:
    • Profit & Loss including segments, business units or product lines
    • Balance Sheet
    • Financial and Operational KPIs
  • Cash Flow statements for subsidiaries, sub-group and parent group
  • Intercompany eliminations
  • Elimination of investment in subsidiaries
  • Minority share calculation and elimination
  • Currency translation and exchange rate adjustments
Automate manual processes to streamline workflows

Automate manual processes to streamline workflows

Tasks such as collecting data, making calculations, ensuring all links are updated, handling elimination entries, and doing currency conversions across companies are tedious, time-consuming processes that do not bring value to the company or shareholders. Konsolidator® automates your consolidation tasks so you can generate financial results for stakeholders faster. Generate higher quality data and more insights to empower improved strategic decision-making.
Work across teams with<br />
multi-user access

Work across teams with
multi-user access

A subscription to Konsolidator® gives you access to an unlimited number of users. Regardless of what country your teams are working from, you can keep your finance function integrated without the hassle of multiple spreadsheets. In Konsolidator®, easily limit access by user to ensure there are no data overrides. Delegate the upload task and the reconciliation of intercompany eliminations to subsidiaries for faster and more accurate reporting. Empower the subsidiaries with access to Konsolidator® for local reporting and financial control.
Control data with an online, structured data warehouse

Control data with an online, structured data warehouse

Get the data you need, wherever and whenever you need it. With Konsolidator®, you can extract and compare numbers easier and faster than in Excel. Produce historical financial overviews of your group’s data for key stakeholders. Track data to see your group’s financial development over time.
Evolve from number cruncher to trusted advisor

Evolve from number cruncher to trusted advisor

Don’t only deliver figures as a number cruncher. Consolidation with Konsolidator® means you gain back time for Finance Business Partnering. Spend time on devising and executing financial strategies that increase profitability, minimize costs, and increase cash flow to enable growth that drives your corporate group forward.
Gain transparency with a full audit trail

Gain transparency with a full audit trail

See and trace changes in each figure, adjustment, and posting. Having full transparency of your financial data across your corporate group is essential in the audit process. Konsolidator® has audit trail with documentation of transactions between subsidiaries and groups.
Identify and eliminate errors for high-quality data

Identify and eliminate errors for high-quality data

Gain confidence in the accuracy of your financial data. Konsolidator® highlights and informs you of any errors in the consolidation so you can correct and resolve them.

Forward-thinking CFOs choose Konsolidator®

Konsolidator® is a preferred tool among forward-thinking CFOs that are looking to digitalize the finance function. Here are a few companies moving their finance function forward with Konsolidator®. Read customer success stories to find out how corporate groups across industries and countries are transforming their finance function with our software.

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