Konsolidator BI®

Understand, Analyze, and Decide with Konsolidator BI®

Konsolidator BI® is our advanced BI reporting and analytics solution.
Use it on top of Konsolidator to make sense of your consolidated data and make smart decisions.

Even add a data warehouse if you want to combine data from your ERP systems with Konsolidator for drill-down and more advanced analytics.

Trusted by the big 4 auditors and 250+ groups

Konsolidator® is used and trusted by auditors, and small and large companies in 20+ countries.

A magic wand for quarterly reporting

Get the Exact reporting you need with Konsolidator BI®

When you are knee-deep in your quarterly reporting and stuck chasing numbers from different corners of the business, searching in all the wrong places, struggling with varying formats, and juggling data from different sources, Konsolidator BI is like a magic wand.

It pulls data from all subsidiaries, so you do not have to hunt them down.
And it reconciles your data automatically.

This means your reports are clear and concise every time.

Plus, you get a slick dashboard that gives you instant insights to spot trends or anomalies.

Explore Konsolidator BI®

Konsolidator BI® offers 3 solutions

Konsolidator BI® Essential, Advanced, and Enterprise.
Your choice depends on the number of data sources you want to combine and the depth of the analytics and reporting.

Konsolidator BI® Essential is included in any Konsolidator subscription. The rest we will help you build.

Konsolidator BI® Essential

Prepare comprehensible reports with a click

Konsolidator BI® Essential provides a set of plug-and-play reports. The data source is Konsolidator, and with this solution, you get a strong introduction to the power of Power BI.

Use the Excel and Power BI templates for easy and fast reporting, controlling, and reconciliation.

You get report templates for:

    • Profit & loss
    • Balance sheet
    • Cash flow statement

All report templates include KPI calculations.

Konsolidator BI® Advanced

Centralize and integrate ERP and Konsolidator data 

Konsolidator BI® Advanced enables you to connect data from your ERP systems and Konsolidator in one place with a data warehouse.

Drill down to the transaction of each consolidated figure and:

    • Retrieve granular details of large volumes of data fast
    • Navigate through hierarchies
    • Understand the financial health of each entity within the group
    • Use data from sub-ledgers (debtor, creditors) for deep-dive analytics
    • Identify and examine cost outliers and anomalies
    • Analyse cash flow trends
    • Integrate budget data and track budget adherence

Konsolidator BI® Enterprise

Analyze Data Across All Your Systems

Konsolidator BI® Enterprise enables you to connect and analyze data across your ERP systems, Konsolidator, and Budget and Planning systems.

This is the most advanced BI solution you get.
But remember, sometimes, less is more.

Start by getting quick wins and immediate insights with Konsolidator BI Essential.
As your data complexity grows, let’s look into how we connect all your data for more granular analytics.

Leave the setup to our experts

We’re all about fine-tuning your reporting process to make it work better, faster, and more accurately.
Book a demo and let´s have a talk about your reporting.

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