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Join us in empowering the finance function to innovate faster and consolidate more effectively and become a Sales Referral Partner or a D365 Partner.

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Sales Referral Partner

Refer CFOs in your network to Konsolidator

Promote Konsolidator and leverage your finance network to earn commissions by helping them transition to a digital consolidation platform.

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Dynamics 365 Partner

Offer a consolidation app for BC and F&O customers.

Incorporate Konsolidator into your BC and F&O apps for easy financial consolidation for your customers.

Join our growing partner network

Are you interested in earning extra income and growing your business faster?

We are continuously looking for new Sales Referral Partners and D 365 Partners from around the world to join our partner ecosystem. Explore and select the right partner program for you (Silver, Gold, or Platinum), submit your application, and become a Konsolidator partner.

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Why do partners love Konsolidator?

Highly demanded product

Sell a market-leading solution experiencing strong customer demand and a +30% ARR growth.

Value based partner rewards

Your benefits increase based on your capabilities, commitment and your efforts to drive results.

Extensive Partner network

Connect and network with a community of like-minded professionals and leaders in the finance field.

Partner tiers

Which Partner tier is right for you?

No matter if you are are Sales Referral Partner or a D365 Partner we offer a partner program of 3 tiers. Silver, Gold, and Platinum.
You handle the first initial sales meeting and send the leads forward to us. We handle pre-sales meetings and technical questions, onboarding, and support.

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Silver Partner

(Referral Partner)

For partners who prefer Konsolidator to do the sales meeting and onboarding.

(Requires limited knowledge of Konsolidator).

ARR one-time fee: 20%

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Gold Partner

(Sales Partner)

For partners who prefer a combined effort in sales meetings and onboarding.

(Requires medium knowledge of Konsolidator).

ARR perpetual: 20%

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Platinum Partner

(Sales and Onboarding Partner)

For partners who prefer to do the full sales and onboarding process.

(Requires deep knowledge of Konsolidator).

ARR perpetual: 30%

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