Konsolidator for consultants

Provide consolidation services to your clients with Konsolidator.
Deliver faster and more scalable service with software integration to ERP systems that secure a fully correct consolidation.

250+ groups use Konsolidator

Simplify and scale

Make it easy for your clients to get quick and accurate consolidation

Connect Konsolidator to cloud ERP systems and easily automate the upload of data into Konsolidator for all your accounts.

A consolidation in Konsolidator typically takes no longer than 7 minutes.

This is how simple the consolidation flow is, how powerful the software is, and how easy you can ensure consistency and scalability with one tool, one truth.

Changes in the group structure, account structure, and amendments to the reporting are done quickly, accurately, and securely in our modern user interface.

Once you deliver the consolidation to your clients, they can use Excel or any other BI tool they like for their reporting.
This means that you get standardized consolidation but can do customized reporting.

Support companies with multiple entities

A straightforward consolidation process

The entire consolidation process, from data upload to reports, typically takes less than 7 minutes.

You upload data from your ERP system.
You reconcile the auto-generated journals, complete the consolidation, retrieve the auto-generated reports, and return them to your clients in their preferred reporting format.

One tool, one truth

When you use Excel for consolidation, each of your clients has different Excel sheets. And they require individual customization. Like individual amendments to their group structure or their cash flow.

With Konsolidator, all your clients use the same system.
So, the process is the same for all your accounts.

The result is that you save time and ensure quality.

The more clients you have for consolidation, the more time Konsolidator saves you in setting up, maintaining, and performing ongoing consolidation.

Proof of Concept

Try out Konsolidator and do a full client consolidation and see proof of concept in action.

This hands-on trial will show you how effective and efficient the software is for managing your clients’ financial data and consolidating it accurately.

Shorten your process

Speed up consolidation time. A typical consolidation in Konsolidator takes no longer than 7 minutes.

Increase scalability

Manage a significantly larger volume of monthly consolidations without compromising accuracy or efficiency.

Get a discount

Your price depends on the volume of customers. The higher the volume, the larger the discount according to the list price.

Discover Konsolidator

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Christian Weber

Christian Weber

Head of Sales