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Learn how and why you can excel in utilizing AI as a resource to make your work more efficient. The potential you have to lead the change if you start now by outlining the ideas to get your team started will increase your success rate in your current and future work.

The annual report is a reoccurring event. To ensure we don’t lack time every year during this process, we have gathered a few simple steps for you to implement in your annual report workflow.

Do you have a standardized way of managing exchange rates and currency translations across your group? Lack of standardization, especially when managing multiple Excel spreadsheets, will lead to confusion and inaccuracies in your group reporting.

The role of the finance professional is changing – and your most important role now is to be the CEO’s right-hand and deliver valuable business insights. Expert advice on finance business partnering helps you understand opportunities and the skillsets needed to drive change in the finance function.

Intercompany reconciliation seems like a small part of the reporting but if your intercompany transactions are not eliminated correctly, it can mean hours of extra work trying to make your balance add up. This guide teaches you to avoid errors in your intercompany reconciliation.

It’s easy to have inaccurate reporting results if a change in minority interests is not posted correctly or does not follow your group structure. Remove the hassle around minority interests – learn how to easily apply changes and use automation to your advantage.

Financial consolidation is a process in your reporting where challenges often can occur. Use this guide to learn how to eliminate common challenges, improve your data quality, and get better reporting.

What is the best way to do financial consolidation for your group? This guide explores the 5 different ways to consolidate explores the benefits and limitations of each, including consolidation in Excel, ERP systems, BI tools, CPM systems and financial consolidation software.

The month-end close can often be a stressful period for the finance function. This guide helps you create a smooth month-end close procedure to meet your deadlines and avoid time pressure.

The pandemic brought many changes such as remote working, the need for digital tools to facilitate collaboration, and new demands for finance teams. Discover tips to help your employees adjust to the new normal, have a smooth return to the office, and implement learnings from the past year.

Misconceptions about cloud software’s security are often why decision-makers opt for on-premises solutions over cloud. Today, 9 out of 10 companies are implementing cloud technology. If you’re in the 10% that hasn’t implemented cloud in your finance department, this guide is for you!

Getting your colleagues to change behavior or eliminate bad habits is challenging. But, Nudging is a powerful tool to effect change. Learn how to use nudging to change behavior to adopt new working processes and implement new digital tools in your workflow.

Having 100% trust in your financial figures and the ability to track each figure are key to financial reporting in 2021. Learn how to increase data transparency to obtain the highest level of data quality possible and avoid the consequences of incorrect financial reporting.

iXBRL is the new electronic reporting format in which issuers on EU regulated markets will need to prepare their annual financial reports. Save time and resources while avoiding external consultants by moving your iXBRL conversion in-house. Follow these 5 easy steps to learn how.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in the finance function is a trend you should be keeping up with in 2021! Get the guide to understand how RPA is well-suited for finance & how RPA optimizes workflows in 3 easy steps.

Building an efficient dataflow is tricky. Discover how data integration can ensure a smooth and simple flow of data between your financial systems and make you succeed in delivering the right data, at the right time.

Preparing for your annual report can be a tricky process. Get expert advice from 2 State Authorized Accountants from Konsolidator and PwC Denmark on how you can gain a successful, realistic Annual Report.

Creating a valuable financial report that delivers worthwhile insights can be tough. This guide takes you through 3 simple steps for cracking the code and creating a useful financial report — without spending 100+ hours or needing 10+ years of experience.

Choosing the right kind of software for your group is challenging. Learn the differences between the types of financial software – true cloud, hybrid cloud, or on-premises, so you can make the right choice in 2021.

In this e-book, you will learn how to use software to streamline financial data across your corporate group and the advantages of having an online financial data warehouse.

Discover how to manage your finance function from afar. Get six crucial steps for handling your finance function during COVID-19.