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Boost your consolidation efficiency.
Turn hours of manual work into just minutes.

Trusted by the big 4 auditors and 250+ groups

Konsolidator is used and trusted by auditors and small and large companies in 20+ countries.

Do complex consolidation with auditor-level precision

We´ve made complex consolidation and reporting easy.

Konsolidator is designed to address complex consolidation challenges with auditor-level precision.
Leave the complex calculations to the software, eliminate manual tasks, and deliver quick and accurate figures for your entire group.

Financial consolidation

Use Konsolidator for your group consolidation and reporting.

✔ Accelerate the consolidation process
✔ Gain time back for financial analysis
✔ Produce audit-compliant consolidation with a full audit trail
✔ Be confident in the accuracy of your financial figures

Financial reporting

Easily provide valid data, answer inquiries quickly, and present results that guide discussions and inform strategic decision-makers.

✔ Enhance value with swift reporting and actionable insights
✔ Prepare financial reports using your own or our pre-built templates
✔ Track the original source of every financial figure
✔ Perform ad-hoc analyses and reporting at any time


in the cloud

Konsolidator is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution.
It’s a cloud-based software offered on a subscription pricing model. You access the software through your browser. There is no installation or application maintenance.
You can get started right away.

Instant Access, zero installation

Direct access
Work from anywhere. Get direct access to your financial data through your browser, whenever and wherever you need it.

Automatic updates
Get instant software updates and upgrades with no additional effort. Log into your account and automatically access system changes.

Maximum security
Trust your data with Microsoft Azure®. Get the highest possible protection from 3,500 global cybersecurity experts working together to safeguard your data.

All the consolidation features you need

Konsolidator consolidates on group and sub-group levels and includes all the features you need to complete your consolidation quickly and accurately.

Consolidation of actuals, budgets, and forecasts

  • Profit & loss (segments, business units, product lines)
  • Balance Sheet
  • Financial and operational KPIs
  • Cash flow statements for subsidiaries, sub-group, and parent group

Automated calculation

  • Intercompany eliminations
  • Elimination of investment in subsidiaries
  • Minority share calculation and elimination
  • Currency translation and automatic exchange rate adjustments (Exchange rates are uploaded from the European Central Bank)

Dynamic group structures and accounts

  • Option of different ownership over a period of time
  • Unlimited different group structures
  • Audit trail ability to drill down from Group level to local accounts in subsidiaries

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