Financial consolidation software in the cloud

Konsolidator® is a financial consolidation software that digitizes the finance function and enables you to deliver figures for the entire group as quickly as possible. This means you can reduce days and weeks to minutes and hours. In addition to figures showing a picture in real time, you get back time to focus on in-depth analysis and counselling of the management.

Konsolidator® includes the following features

  • Group and sub-group consolidation
  • Consolidation of Budget & Forecasts
  • KPI's (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Currency translation with automated exchange rate uploads
  • Automated calculation of the non-controlling interests
  • Intercompany elimination
  • Audit trail
  • User interface to ERP and BI systems
  • Konsolidator Konnect (Excel add-on)

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Dont worry about installations, backups and updates. With a SaaS solution your data is securely stored in the cloud.  You pay a fixed, low monthly subscription fee that covers all system updates. 

This means that any new features that are being added to the system are instantly applied to all users.

With Konsolidator Konnect you can prepare management reports and financial accounts with notes and analyses in Excel. An Excel add-in module gives you direct access to your numbers in Konsolidator® where you build the reports, including graphs and comparative figures.

A financial package containing essential features

Konsolidator® integrates with any ERP system, BI tools and Excel and consolidates both on sub-group and group level.


For realized numbers (Actual), Budgets & Forecasts:

  • P&L and Balance Sheet
  • Cash Flow
  • Segments (dimensions)
  • KPI’s:

               – Financial KPI’s such as Return on Equity, ROIC etc.

               – Non-financial KPI’s such as FTE, units etc.


Konsolidator® probably has the most advanced algorithm for financial consolidation on the market.


  • Uploaded exchange rates from ECB
  • Calculation of exchange rate adjustments
  • Calculation of minority share eliminations
  • Calculation of elimination of investments in subsidiaries
  • Calculation of elimination of inter-company transactions
  • Calculation of Cash-flow for Group, Sub-group and subsidiaries
  • Ability to have different ownership over a period of time
  • Drill down from Group level to local accounts in subsidiaries

Implement Konsolidator® in 4 steps within 1-3 months

Let us show you how Konsolidator® works and guide you through the functionalities