Financial reporting with Konsolidator®

Create precise financial reports, and expedite strategic decisions with Konsolidator® and Konsolidator Konnect®. Drill down into data for ad-hoc reporting at your fingertips.

Get a single, centralized source of financial data

Konsolidator provides a structured SQL source of data to ensure your entire group works with the same figures, and connects directly to any front-end reporting tool, such as Excel or Power BI, giving you the power to control reporting.

Easily extract your data for reporting
Our API, Konsolidator Konnect allows you to pull data directly from Konsolidator to an easy-to-navigate reporting format in Excel or other reporting tools.

Though Excel isn’t ideal for consolidation, it becomes a potent presentation asset alongside structured data. And with Konsolidator Konnect, you can effortlessly create tailored reporting that aligns perfectly with your organization

Speed up reporting with ready-made templates

Your subscription gives you access to an array of pre-built templates, so you can create the financial and management reports that fit your group’s needs.

With a diverse selection of templates at your disposal, you’ll efficiently produce comprehensive reports, saving time and ensuring alignment with your organization’s specific requirements.

Pre-built reporting templates included with every Konsolidator subscription:

✔ Management report
✔ Budget preparation
✔ Forecast preparation
✔ Documentation for auditors and internal reconciliations

All reporting templates include :

✔ Profit & Loss statements
✔ Balance Sheet
✔ Cash Flow statements
✔ KPIs
✔ Segment reporting

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Run ad-hoc analysis
with a click of a button

Effortlessly retrieve financial and operational data from Konsolidator to Excel or your chosen reporting tool. Whether conducting spontaneous KPI analysis over years or segmenting EBITDA by products, trust in Konsolidator for precision.

Attain answers to business queries and meet deadlines with confidence and tackle precise business inquiries and meet deadlines with ease.

Easy to navigate reporting for all users

Effortlessly conduct straightforward reporting and ad hoc analysis independently.

Our ‘one size fits all’ solution empowers you to effortlessly construct reports by applying filters such as year, short name, source, dimension, and role to your data. Konsolidator Konnect® is designed for simplicity, putting reporting control within anyone’s reach, and eliminating the need for IT support or additional resources.

Forward-thinking CFOs choose Konsolidator®

Konsolidator® is a preferred tool among forward-thinking CFOs that are looking to digitalize the finance function. Here are a few companies moving their finance function forward with Konsolidator®. Read customer success stories to find out how corporate groups across industries and countries are transforming their finance function with our software.

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