for Auditors & Consultants

Auditors use Konsolidator to prepare their clients´consolidation for the annual report.

Auditors and consultants use Konsolidator to support and streamline clients´ monthly or quarterly financial management reporting.

Discover how Konsolidators advanced algorithm automates consolidation and learn how to achieve more efficient and accurate consolidation with cloud software.

Automate your clients´ annual consolidation

Do you handle your clients´ annual consolidation?

Other auditors and accountants use Konsolidator to automate their clients´ group consolidation and substantially increase their productivity and profitability.

Using Konsolidator eliminates the need for manual data entry, reduces the risk of errors, and enables you to finalize a consolidation in just 7 minutes.

The software automates data entry, streamline workflows, creates a transparent audit trail, and generate reports automatically.

When you consolidate 25+ groups a year, Konsolidator becomes a powerful tool to save time and ensure accuracy.

Offer Consolidation as a Service

Do you handle your clients´ monthly group consolidation and reporting?

As a consultant, you can use Konsolidator to automate your clients´ monthly consolidation and reporting process to ensure that data is accurately consolidated from multiple sources, whether it is spreadsheets or accounting systems.

You can provide your clients with timely insight and accurate reports while improving your own productivity and profitability. Each month.

With all data gathered in Konsolidators data warehouse, you will be able to deliver agile financial analysis to provide more valuable strategic advice.

We call this CaaS – Consolidation as a Service.

What you get

A cloud consolidation tool

Konsolidators advanced algorithm automates your consolidation and eliminates risks of manual errors so you can deliver fast, accurate consolidation statements as quickly as possible.

Faster consolidation

On average, users realize 50% time saving on each consolidation with automation. Some even report doing consolidations in just 7 minutes.

Full audit trail

Get quality assurance, full transparency, and documentation for each step of the consolidation process and build trust in the accuracy of the financial data.

How the software works

Konsolidator collects your clients’ (or your own) audited data by importing trial balances from Silverfin or cloud ERPs like Business Central, Exact, Xero, and QuickBooks.

Konsolidator automates the consolidation by handling all calculations automatically and preparing journals.

Once the consolidation is completed, you export the consolidated figures from Konsolidator back to your accounting system for seamless Group account presentations.

Discover how you can use Konsolidator

See how you can use Konsolidator as an auditor or consultant.

Fill out the form to schedule a guided tour of Konsolidator, and we´ll show you how you use the software to prepare data and analyze and present group consolidation.

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