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For the past 10 years, we have done nothing but consolidation.

With our software, we have done more than 15.000 consolidations in 20+ countries, and our consolidation experts, who have accumulated extensive knowledge in consolidation, are here to serve you.

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Compliant, scalable consolidation

Konsolidator is a must-have to guarantee accuracy and efficiency in the consolidation processes.

  • Ensure all elements of complex consolidation, including fully correct equity calculation, consolidated cash flow statement, and proper exchange adjustments.
  • Konsolidators “calculate and post” principle ensures fully correct consolidation with a transparent audit trail.
  • With all Microsoft Azure certificates, ISAE3402 certification, and an annual penetration test, Konsolidator ensures maximum security.
  • Get one tool, one truth, and ensure all auditors use the same scalable method.

The average time for a complex consolidation in Konsolidator for an auditor is 7 minutes.

Automate annual consolidation

Konsolidator automates the consolidation and eliminates the risks of manual errors.
The software helps you save time, deliver high quality, and document every step in the process while giving auditors a unified method for consolidation.

Significant time saving

Achieve faster consolidation. Some auditors report doing consolidation in just 7 minutes.

Full audit trail

Get quality assurance, full transparency, and documentation for each step of the consolidation process.

Maximum security

We are ISAE3402 certified and you can use SSO and two-factor authentication to secure your data.

Make a strategic corporate decision

A decision to employ Konsolidator in your audit practice is a decision to unify the consolidation process to get a transparent method across the whole organization and harness technology to secure a scalable and compliant future for your practice.

It is a strategic decision made by the audit firm as a whole rather than individual auditors.

You adopt Konsolidator centrally under the guidance of a dedicated team of auditors within a center of excellence and achieve the most efficient onboarding, integration, and value generation.

Expect to allocate 50-100 hours within 1-3 months for a full onboarding and training of Konsolidator.

Get proof of concept

Test a complete consolidation of a client with Konsolidator and get proof of concept.

Konsoldiator outperforms you

Our software has done over 15.000 consolidations in 20+ countries and has over 30 man-years of coding behind it; why you can do consolidation in just 7 minutes.

ROI within a year

The time savings you achieve through Konsolidator in the first year surpass the cost of the software.

A simple 5 step consolidation process

The consolidation process in Konsolidator couldn’t be more simple.
Seamlessly upload your client’s data by importing trial balances from Silverfin, Caseware, or from accounting software (ERP).

Konsolidator automates the consolidation by handling all calculations automatically and preparing journals.
Once the consolidation is completed, you export the consolidated figures from Konsolidator to your audit software for the final presentation of the financial statements.

The entire process, from upload to report, takes less than 7 minutes.

How many consolidations do you do annually?

Your Konsolidator subscription is based on the number of groups you consolidate.

You pay a yearly fee of €200 per group you consolidate.

Your subscription includes the highest level of security so that you can ensure the safety of your client’s data.
It also includes integrations to 9 (and counting) accounting and ERP systems.

7 minutes

A typical consolidation done in Konsolidator only takes 7 minutes.

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High security

Client data is secure with ISAE3402-certified robust internal processes and control, and single sign-on.

Low price

Konsolidator is subscription-based. You pay a yearly fee of €200 per group you consolidate.

Let´s discuss how your audit firm can use Konsolidator

Fill out the form to schedule a meeting with a Konsolidator expert and we´ll show you how you use the software to prepare data and analyze and present group consolidation.

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