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Do your consolidation in less than 15 minutes

Are you using cloud accounting systems?
And spending more than 30 minutes on your monthly Excel consolidation?

With Konsolidator you can expect to do your monthly consolidation in less than 15 minutes.

All it requires of you is 1 hour to set up your account.

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Upgrade your consolidation game

Get the advantages of modern technology: faster, higher-quality consolidation without Excel.

We know you can add more value to your team and tasks when you can streamline your financial processes in Konsolidator.

This is what the software helps you do:

  • Automate intercompany eliminations, exchange rates, and cash flow statements.
  • Gain transparency by following the bridge from local accounts in multiple currencies to group reporting.
  • Achieve annual report quality in your monthly reporting.
  • Consolidate all your data in one system.
  • Eliminate manual consolidation tasks.

See how Konsolidator works

Do full consolidation in less than 7 minutes

5 steps. That is all it takes.

The consolidation process in Konsolidator couldn’t be more simple.
Seamlessly upload your data, navigate through exchange rates and journals, finalize your consolidation, and extract your reports.

The entire process, from upload to report, takes less than 7 minutes.

Your data is secure with us

We comply with globally recognized audit standards.

Rest assured that Konsolidator prioritizes the secure protection of your data.
Our internal IT controls and risk management practices are evaluated by Grant Thornton, ensuring compliance with the globally recognized ISAE 3402 audit standard.



2 months

That is how long your free trial will run and you will pay nothing.

24 hours

That is how long it takes for us to create your Konsolidator account.

15 minutes

That is how long we need to teach you the consolidation flow.

7 minutes

That is how long your consolidation process will take in Konsolidator.

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  1. Book a 15-minute free trial introduction meeting
  2. At the meeting, you will get your login
  3. Invest 1 hour to set up your free trial account
  4. We guide you step-by-step with video tutorials
  5. Once you have set up your account, you can consolidate in less than 15 minutes

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