The Top Webinars for Finance Departments

The trends that are shaping 2021

Finance professionals are under a pressure to deliver in a rapidly changing business context. During the past year, financial departments focused on organization strategy and structure as well as financial technology optimization. CFOs, Controllers, and financial professionals have to stay ahead of the game, and we give them the resources for that. Here you can find a collection of our best webinars for 2021 to watch on-demand.

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A practical plan is what makes the difference and what means you will avoid last minute surprises and can produce an error-free annual account by the deadline. Join us to get a comprehensive checklist, so you’ll know exactly what to do when.

Cracking the nut on finance business partnering: A practical approach

Finance Business Partnering has been one of the most talked about topics in finance in 2020. But what exactly does it mean on a practical level? How are you expected to take on this new role and how will it impact your company’s bottom-line?

Digitization for SMEs: How can you optimize the finance function?

Learn about the challenges and the opportunities that digitization brings for SMEs. You will learn why you should be interested in digitization, what challenges you can solve with digital tools, and what opportunities exist for improving your finance department.

Robotics Process Automation in Finance

We look at how you can use RPA in the finance function to create virtual assistants to help you increase administrative efficiency and productivity. We look into what is required to get started, which processes are suitable for automation and, we demonstrate how a robot is built and show how it works live.

How Can Finance Use The Crisis To Prepare For the Future

In a world of continuous innovation and fast-paced trends, it is often difficult to keep an eye on and understand how trends can impact organizations and the wider finance function, especially during a crisis like COVID-19. Watch this webinar to learn which new finance trends you should adapt to ensure you are able to meet the new demands.


Are you looking for a simple and easy way to convert financial data into the new and required InlineXBRL format? Join Konsolidator and EasyX to learn how you can quickly transform your financial data and financial reporting into iXBRL format.

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