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Assist clients with multiple entities and group reporting needs.
Add Konsolidator to your apps and provide your clients with a simple consolidation app that fills the gaps left by D365’s native consolidation.

Dynamics 365
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Are you a Dynamics 365 partner?

Enhance your app portfolio and provide your clients with an easy and scalable solution for complex consolidation and reporting.

Consolidation & reporting in D365

With Konsolidator Dynamics 365 users get an integrated app for correct financial consolidation and reporting.

Konsolidator is an ideal solution tailored for small and medium-sized companies (parent companies and their subsidiaries) utilizing Business Central or F&O.

The app integrates seamlessly with D365, automates all complex calculations, and ensures a documented audit trail.

Supporting companies with multiple entities

The consolidation process in Konsolidator is incredibly straightforward.
Users effortlessly upload their data from Business Central or F&O, reconcile the auto-generated journals, complete the consolidation, and retrieve the auto-generated reports.

The entire process, from data upload to reports, typically takes less than 15 minutes.

How we partner with you

We are not an ERP provider.
We are not a consultancy house.
We are an independent ISV and pure SaaS company that works with many ERP partners and grows on ARR subscriptions.

We want all D365 partners to be able to offer their clients a simple application for complex consolidation.

Join us as a Silver, Gold or Platinum partner.

Sales, onboarding and consultancy

Your part in the sales and onboarding process is up to you. Our sales and pre-sales team is here to help with any sales or technical inquiries and support once a client is onboarded.

Onboarding a client onto Konsolidator is a swift process, typically completed within a month.

Boost your consultancy

Konsolidators software is purely for consolidation purposes any other reports or data sources need to be handled and presented in a different format. Hence we see a trend towards data warehouse with Power BI on top which would be up to the partner to scope and deliver.

A dedicated D365 team

We understand the complexity of the partner process in relation to working with ISVs.

That’s why we’ve assembled a specialized team to handle every aspect of your partnership journey, including Sales, Marketing, Onboarding and support, and Development.

Join our D365 webinars

Learn more about Konsolidator and explore the application, or stay on top of new product updates to service your clients better.
Once each quarter, we host a webinar about the features of Konsolidator for our current D365 partners and D365 partners who are curious about Konsolidator.

May 22 at 15:00: Konsolidator Product Updates – Advanced Intercompany Elimination
September 10 at 09.00: Konsolidator Product Updates – Advanced Analytics Including Data Warehouse
Nov 28 at 08:00: Konsolidator Product Updates – Year-end Reporting
February 25 at 09.00: Konsolidator Product Updates – Budget and Planning with Konsolidator

Recurring Revenue

Secure 20% annual recurring revenue as a partner. On top of that, you earn all related consultancy fees.

Swift adoption

Register as a Konsolidator partner today and add Konsolidator to your online app portfolio tomorrow.

High trust

Konsolidator is widely trusted by partners, auditors, and customers, with a global presence in 23 countries and over 270 clients who have completed 15,000+ consolidations.

Partner tiers

Silver, Gold or Platinum?

Start earning revenue by referring contacts in your network.
Our partner program is tailored for Business Central and F&O partners whose clients require a strong financial consolidation application.

The program comprises three tiers: Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Regardless of your tier, you are responsible for conducting the initial sales meeting. After that, we can handle pre-sales meetings, onboarding, and ongoing support.

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Silver Partner

(Referral Partner)

Sales meeting: Konsolidator
Onboarding: Konsolidator

(Requires limited knowledge of Konsolidator).

ARR one-time fee: 20%
Onboarding fee: Konsolidator

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Gold Partner

(Sales Partner)

Sales meeting: Partner
Onboarding: Konsolidator

(Requires medium knowledge of Konsolidator).

ARR perpetual: 20%
Onboarding fee: Shared

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Platinum Partner

(Sales & Onboarding Partner)

Sales meeting: Partner
Onboarding: Partner

(Requires deep knowledge of Konsolidator).

ARR perpetual: 30%
Onboarding fee: Partner

Partner with us

Could you see yourself as a Konsolidator partner, and do you want the opportunity to market and implement our consolidation app?
Fill out the form, and book a meeting to discuss a potential partnership.

Mads Harring

Sales Manager