The Cloud Experts’ Guide to Gaining
Maximum Security of Your Financial Data

Move your finance function the cloud with these expert tips

Are you one of those CFOs who has not yet dared to implement cloud software to your finance function due to security concerns, performance uncertainties, or other misconceptions?  

Then this guide is for you!  

We use cloud products all the time in our private and work lives without realizing it. And over the past 5+ years, cloud technology has gained momentum in finance function too due to the flexibility, agility, and efficiency of cloud-based tools.  

With cloud-based financial software like Konsolidator, you get: 

  • Easy access to your data wherever and whenever you need it– just log on to your user account and you are ready to go! 
  • Multi-user access so you and your colleagues can work in the same program at the same time – creating a flexible and efficient workflow. 
  • Realtime software updates so you are always working with the latest version of the program and don’t need to run or maintain heavy, costly system updates. 

Don’t let common myths and misunderstandings of cloud technology prevent you from jumping on board the trend of cloud-based software! Start enjoying all the advantages and benefits of cloud-based software.  

The Cloud Experts’ Guide to Gaining Maximum Security of Your Financial Data offers expert insights from a leading Cloud Architectexplains how and why you can safely store your data with cloud-based financial software, and gives answers to some commonly asked questions regarding the cloud. 

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