AI in the finance department

Get inspiration into how your finance team can use AI today

Are you unsure how to utilize AI in your finance team and don’t completely trust the newest “trend”? In the guide, AI in the finance department: How your team can use AI already today, we outline what key terms and concepts you should know and address the hype around AI – which, at the moment, we view as an excellent tool to utilize but not over-rely on.

Furthermore, we look into areas where you can already start to test AI in your finance team and learn to use it efficiently – because AI is here to stay. You will learn how and why you can excel in utilizing AI as a resource to make your work more efficient. The potential you have to lead the change if you start now by outlining the ideas to get your team started will increase your success rate in your current and future work.

If you want to create a procedure for implementing AI in your work process for more efficiency and room for more in-depth data manipulation, then this guide is for you!

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