New and innovative consolidation and reporting software for groups in UK

Discover the Danish consolidation and reporting software that smart finance teams are adopting into their finance ecosystems, to automate consolidation and reporting and gain back valuable time for in-depth strategic analysis. Integrate with ease into your existing ERP, for reliable data flows and insights.

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Financial consolidation
& reporting made simple

Konsolidator®  is built by auditors and CFOs for CFOs. Therefore, Konsolidator separates from Excel consolidation, CPM consolidation, BI consolidation and ERP consolidation by being the strongest accounting technical cloud consolidation software on the market. The advanced algorithm automates the consolidation and eliminates risks of manual errors so you can deliver accurate figures for the entire group as quickly as possible.

Financial consolidation

If you prepare your consolidation in Excel or on-premise consolidation systems, it is time to transform your finance department. Integrate Konsolidator® to your ERP and enjoy the benefits of our simple-to-use consolidation software.

✔ Accelerate the consolidation process with automated financial consolidation
✔ Gain time back for financial analysis
✔ Produce audit-compliant consolidation with a full audit trail
✔ Be confident in the accuracy of your financial figures
✔ Always have latest software version without bothering about system upgrades

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Financial reporting

Providing valid data, answering inquiries quickly, and presenting results that guide discussions and inform strategic decision-makers are the core of any finance department and what Konsolidator enables you to do:

✔ Prepare financial reports with ease using your own or our pre-built Power BI reporting templates
✔ Add value and finance business partnering with quick reporting and actionable insights
✔ Track the original source of every financial figure
✔ Perform ad-hoc analyses and reporting at any time

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in the cloud at an affordable price

Konsolidator® is a cloud software that is offered on an affordable subscription pricing model as a Software as a Service (SaaS). This means you pay a monthly low subscription fee and that there are no installation or application maintenance required across numerous desktops across the finance department as you access the software online. Get started quickly and put an end to using Excel or rigid, obsolete software that requires excessive time and energy to both acquire and maintain.

More benefits of the cloud & SaaS

Cost savings:
Eliminate expenses like hardware purchases, on-site data centers, and internal IT experts or external consultants required to build and manage the infrastructure. Only pay for the features you use – easily upgrade or downgrade your subscription as your needs change.

Work from anywhere. Get direct access to your financial data through your web browser, whenever and wherever you need it.

Trust your data with Microsoft Azure® and get the highest possible protection from 3,500 global cybersecurity experts working together to safeguard your business assets and data.

Automatic updates:
Instantly receive software updates and upgrades with no additional effort. Simply log in to your account to automatically access system changes.

Essential features of Konsolidator®

Konsolidator® consolidates on group and sub-group level and allows for the ability to change ownership over time, as well as different group structures.
All subscription plans include essentials like:

Consolidation of Actual numbers, Budgets & Forecasts on:

  • Profit & Loss including segments, business units or product lines
  • Balance Sheet
  • Cash Flow statements for subsidiaries, sub-group and parent group
  • Financial and Operational KPIs

Automated calculation of:

  • Intercompany eliminations
  • Elimination of investment in subsidiaries
  • Minority share calculation and elimination
  • Currency translation and automatic exchange rate adjustments (Exchange rates are uploaded from the European Central Bank)

Access to Konsolidator Konnect® (Excel Add-in for easy reporting)

Flexibility for dynamic groups structures and accounts

  • Ability to have different ownership over a period of time
  • Ability to have unlimited different group structures
  • Audit trail ability to drill down from Group level to local accounts in subsidiaries

See Konsolidator
in action

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