Strategy for effective global growth

Discover the core elements of our strategy and uncover the methods we employ to steer toward sustainable growth.

“We make CFOs better”  is our motto, which drives us toward our vision of becoming the preferred consolidation tool for SMEs worldwide. We provide finance professionals with dependable consolidation at auditor-level accuracy within a secure data environment while ensuring ease of use.

Our strategy for achieving effective global growth centers around three fundamental pillars: Revenue generation, Innovative products, and Customer-centricity

Revenue generation

Our primary objective is to achieve profitability while maintaining a low Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC).

Innovative products

Through ongoing research, we strive to anticipate and meet the evolving needs of our customers, delivering solutions that exceed expectations and drive value.

Customer centricity

We aim to foster long-term relationships and drive sustainable growth by focusing on NPS and using continuous feedback to ensure that our software continues to meet expectations and needs.

Scalable growth

International market growth

Konsolidator is standardized software.
We market and sell it online without modifications, and therefore, we have a global expansion strategy where we:

    • Offer free trials
    • Integrate with customers’ current cloud accounting systems
    • Help customers easily onboarding online

We combine direct sales with a broad global network of sales partners to broaden our customer reach globally.

The core of the solution

What does our software do?

Conceptually, this is how Konsolidtor works:

    1. Collect: The software collects financial numbers from accounting systems.
    2. Prepare: Afterward, it automatically prepares the consolidated numbers, including consolidated profit and loss statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements, and other non-financial numbers.
    3. Present: Finally, Konsolidator presents and visualizes the numbers in comprehensible reports.

3 products

Konsolidator is specifically designed to streamline and optimize the financial consolidation and reporting process for  3 different target audiences – groups, consultants, and audit firms.

This is for SMEs who do their own consolidation or when an audit firm is a group and requires internal consolidation and reporting.

Konsolidator CaaS
A CaaS partner is an audit firm or consultant that provides monthly closing services and uses Konsolidator for consolidation, reporting, and a financial data warehouse.

Konsolidator Audit®
For auditors who do the annual consolidation.

2 sales channels

Directs sales
We have two sales offices. One in Copenhagen and one in Madrid. The headquarters in Copenhagen focuses on sales primarily in Scandinavia and English-speaking European countries. The office in Madrid covers Spain and Latin America.

Sales partners
We have a sales partner covering Sweden and Finland and a broad global network of Dynamics 365 partners selling Konsolidator to their ERP clients.