Annual general meeting of Konsolidator A/S 2021

April 29, at 15.00

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Download the material for the general meeting below to see the agenda and get more information about the partially electronic general meeting.

Click here to access the investor portal to register for the meeting and/or submit your postal vote.

Klik her for at komme til investorportalen og tilmelde dig mødet samt afgive brevstemme.


Notice for the annual general meeting

In order to minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19 and adhere to the latest recommendations from the Danish health authorities, the board of directors has decided that the general meeting will be held partially electronically.

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Proxy and postal vote form

For use at the electronical annual general meeting of KONSOLIDATOR A/S on Thursday 29 April 2021 at 15:00.



Form of registration

Deadline Friday April 23, 2021

Form of registration to the annual general meeting of Konsolidator A/S on Wednesday 29 April 2021 at 15:00 at Konsolidator A/S, Vandtårnsvej 83A, 2860 Søborg.



Remuneration policy

Remuneration policy of the board of directors and the executive board of Konsolidator A/S.


Financial Calendar

February 9, 2021: Annual report 2020

April 27, 2021: First quarter reporting, January – March 31, 2021

April 29, 2021: Annual General Meeting

July 28, 2021: Half year reporting, January – June 30, 2021

October 27, 2021: Third quarter reporting, January – October, 2021

February 9, 2022: Annual report 2021

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