Integrate Xero to Konsolidator

Streamline financial consolidation and reporting with the power of Xero inside of Konsolidator.
Create a seamless workflow for your finance department and the full consolidation and reporting process.

How it works

COLLECT: Konsolidator collects financial data from Xero and transfers it to Konsolidator with just one click.

PREPARE: All calculations and journal preparations are automated and handled for you, so you can be sure that your numbers are accurate each consolidation cycle.

PRESENT: Extract consolidated figures from Konsolidator to your preferred reporting system for seamless, efficient reporting and group account presentations.

Supported features

The Xero integration supports trial balance data.

This means that the integration will transfer the year-to-date account balances from your local trial balance and include:

  • Company short name
  • Local account number
  • Local account name

The dimension you are able to select depends on your ERP set-up.

The most commonly used dimensions are:

  • Country code
  • Segment
  • Product line
  • Revenue stream
  • Cost center
  • Department

Streamline your consolidation
and accelerate reporting

Easy consolidation across multiple ERPs
Subsidiaries and parent companies often use different ERP systems. Our integration center lets you connect multiple different ERP systems and receive data in Konsolidator from all of them.

Guidance from certified accountants and auditors
All our customers get assistance from a team with backgrounds in both accounting and auditing. We go further than just providing technical product support. Have a question on mapping trial balances? We have the answer.

Fast and flexible onboarding
Our cloud-based solution means we connect easily and simply with Xero. Implement Konsolidator through guided training sessions online at your own pace.

Keep up with the pace of digitalization
with Konsolidator

Generate fast insights

By automating time-consuming consolidation tasks with Konsolidator, you can focus your time on generating insights that add value for your corporate group.

Eliminate manual errors

Konsolidator performs all calculations and journal preparations, so you can have peace of mind that your numbers are always accurate and free of errors.

Simple to use

Konsolidator’s software automates your consolidation processes in a user-friendly solution. Our cloud-based cloud software means no installations or application maintenance is required.

Save valuable time

Save an average of 50% of your time on your consolidation and reporting process with automation. Reduce time spent on manual tasks prone to errors.