Konsolidator integrates with your accounting systems

Connect your accounting systems to Konsolidator

Integrate your financial data from your accounting system to Konsolidator.
Automate your financial consolidation and reporting in a standardized application.

Connect your accounting system

You can integrate Konsolidator with your cloud accounting systems with a single click.

You can even try Konsolidator for free. Click on your accounting system below to learn how we pull data from all sources into one system and efficiently manage the consolidation process.

Sync trial balances from your accounting system to Konsolidator

A single click is all it takes. If your group uses different accounting systems, you can still upload all your financial data from the entire group within seconds.

Integrating one or multiple accounting systems with Konsolidator will streamline the month-end process, reduce manual work, and ensure error-free numbers that align with your trial balance.

If you use a cloud accounting system that we are not integrated with yet, you can still use Konsolidator by uploading your trial balance from Excel.

Collect data from your local accounts & dimensions

The Integration Center in Konsolidator allows you to easily transfer amounts from your trial balance specified on local account number, local account name, and dimension.

With a few clicks, you can establish the connection from your accounting software to Konsolidator.

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