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Watch this introduction video to get an overview of what to expect.


Step 1

Log in and dashboard

Log in and explore the workflow through our dashboard.

Step 2

Group structure

Make necessary adjustments to your group in the group structure module.

Step 3


Set up the integration from your accounting system to Konsolidator.

Step 4

Group accounts and add mapping

Establish a mapping for your local accounts to the group accounts in Konsolidator.


Step 5

Mapping and upload

Import your trial balances and chart of accounts to start mapping.

Step 6

Set exchange rates

Set exchange rates or use those from the European Central Bank.

Step 7

Prepare journals

Calculate and post the journals for automated consolidation.

Step 8


Consolidate your actuals and close the period.


Step 9

Consolidation report

Access the consolidated P&L and BS statement.

Step 10

Management reporting

Review examples of standard management reports.

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