Automate complex financial consolidation & IFRS 16 reporting with ERP add-ons

By using add-ons to your ERP system you can easily handle the financial consolidation and ensure IFRS 16 compliance.

With Konsolidator & Leasify together you get a best-of-breed solution that works on top of your ERP system and automates multi-entity and multi-currency consolidation and helps you do your IFRS 16 reporting in a fast and simple way.

You report quickly and easily and save time and money! 

How does it work?

Konsolidator automates your consolidation by handling all calculations and journals so you can be sure that your numbers are accurate in each consolidation cycle.

The software collects your financial data from your ERP systems, like Xero, Sage, QuickBooks, Fortnox and Business central and transfers the year-to-date amount for each account along with information on dimensions, with just one click!

When you connect Leasify to Konsolidator you also ensure IFRS 16 compliance as  your leasing liabilities and leasing assets and figures are transferred back to Konsolidator to gain accurate consolidated statements and reporting.  

All it takes is a Konsolidator subscription!

Subscriptions start at just EUR 300 a month

Reduce process time and do full consolidations in just 7 minutes

Automating month-end close is easy and simple with Konsolidators online software. You get a  standardized and simple solution that contains all elements for financial consolidation.

Instead of struggling with a time-consuming manual process in Excel you can automate the full process and cut process time to just minutes. Some user report doing consolidations in just 7 minutes using Konsolidator!

Consolidation of group and sub-groups  in Konsolidator® includes:

  • Automated consolidation of Actual, Budget, and Forecast numbers , including:
    • Profit & Loss including segments, business units or product lines
    • Balance Sheet
    • Financial and Operational KPIs
  • Cash Flow statements for subsidiaries, sub-group and parent group
  • Intercompany eliminations
  • Elimination of investment in subsidiaries
  • Minority share calculation and elimination
  • Currency translation and exchange rate adjustments

Easily create reports for IFRS16

Leasify presents the market’s simplest and smartest tool for IFRS 16 and local GAAP compliance. The add-on quickly helps you easily gain full control over your financial statements.

Select your preset quarterly report and period, and your report is generated directly to download as a PDF or in Excel format.

In addition Leasify can also help you gain control of your leasing liabilities by gathering all contracts in one place and giving you the knowledge, control, and transparency to make sound leasing agreements.

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When you use Konsolidator & Leasify together you get a unique solution that lets you automate your consolidation and IFRS 16 reporting in a fast and audit compliant way.
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Christian Weber - Head of Sales

Christian Weber - Head of Sales

I have extensive experience helping corporate groups transition to fully automated cloud consolidation to optimize their finance teams’ value in the business. Get in touch for any requests about Konsolidator, or use the form to book a preview.

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