Driving strategic decisions

Make time for finance to influence decision-making across departments

Deliver insights, not reports

Teaching finance to influence decision-making across all departments is one of the most impactful skills a CFO, finance controller, and other finance professionals can have in their organization today.


Finance business partners who create real and active partnerships with both departments and management experience an impact on business development.  Across sectors, we see that the CFO has become the CEO’s right-hand man. A trusted adviser who creates value for the decision-making by interpreting data and providing ‘real time’ support. This can be you too.

If interpreted correctly, the finance department’s insight into numbers, data, and trends will accelerate the company’s growth. But to do this means to change the way we work as finance professionals today. Instead of delivering reports, we need to deliver insights and be the ones who interpret this knowledge correctly.

THE NEW 30/70 TIME MANAGEMENT to influence decision-making

Are you ready to change the way you work? How often do you experience a department asking about the meaning of specific numbers after drawing up a report on an area, product, or service? The time you use to explain this report needs to be used elsewhere. More specifically, the idea with business partnering is to team up with other departments and combine your data. As a result, you can instead use your time translating the numbers into strategic decisions. But this demands a renewed toolbox. Furthermore, it requires developing your problem-solving, commercial, and communicative skills. 


The three I’s: Insight, influence, and impact – are where you should spend most of the time. For example, if the Head of Sales in a manufacturing company asks you about numbers and trends regarding a specific chair. The goal is to have a business partner connected to that team, who then can share the insight of the report and data. By using problem-solving skills, be able to use this insight to influence the strategic decisions in this department. And finally, create an impact on the business development. Today, we still experience finance people providing data and reports to departments who do not know, accurately, how to translate these numbers.


On-demand webinar with a field expert

Meet field expert and partner at Business Partnering Institute, Anders Liu-Lindberg, in our webinar on Wednesday and learn more about: what good looks like and get the tools to get there.


Gain a practical approach to getting started with business partnering in small- and medium-sized companies. Furthermore, you will gain insight into improving your analytical, business, leadership, and people skills. But also what you must focus on in your toolbox. Your two hosts will be:

  • Anders Liu-Lindberg – Partner and COO at Business Partnering Institute
  • Lianne Gatti – Country Manager Konsolidator, UK & Ireland.