PowerBI Workshops

Structure and visualize your data with PowerBI and get quickly from insight to action.

Do you have a good visual real-time overview of your data that easily helps you make the right decisions? If you are working with PowerBI, the answer is a definite and resounding YES! If not, you are most likely falling behind.

With PowerBI, you will get a real-time visual overview of your back-end data, which allows you to make quick and informed decisions based on facts. That way you will able you to respond to new trends right away.

Early registration is strongly recommended to ensure your participation.

*The workshops will be held in danish

Konsolidator Konnect Workshops

Extract data from Konsolidator and prepare management reports and financial statements with notes and analyzes directly in Excel.

Get started with Konsolidator Konnect - our reporting and visualization add-on that allows you to pull data out from Konsolidator, so you can prepare management reports and financial statements with notes and analyzes directly in Excel.

Our Konnect workshops lasts 3 hours and have a maximum of 8 participants to ensure that we have enough time to help each participant optimize, correct or adjust their management reporting.

Konsolidator Demo Webinars

How can you simplify your financial consolidation and reporting process?

If you are currently doing your financial consolidation in Excel or in an old client software going digital with a cloud software will change your workflow tremendously and let you make quick strategic decisions based on real-time data rather than assumptions.

Konsolidator stands out in the market of financial consolidation software as a 100% cloud-based standardized software. 

This webinar takes you through Konsolidator, so you get familiar with the set-up of group accounts, how to map accounts from existing ERP-systems, how you work with exchange rates, consolidation, eliminations, cashflow and reporting.