Konsolidatormaj 26, 2021

What business skills do finance professionals need in 2021? What is on the CFO agenda in 2021 and how will it shape your role as a finance professional moving forward?  The questions are many right now as the role of

Konsolidatormaj 19, 2021

Have you ever tried to implement a new digital system or tool in your finance department? Then you know how difficult it can be for your colleagues to adapt to using a new system, new procedures, and new habits. To

Konsolidatorapril 23, 2021

On the 17th of May, employers can finally welcome employees back to the office in the UK! But while we’ve been working from the home office for the past 12+ months, a lot has changed. There will be a different

Konsolidatorapril 21, 2021

The challenge of using multiple ERP systems for your consolidation One of the biggest challenges group finance professionals run into in consolidation is the use of different ERP systems in different entities of the consolidated group. So, if you are

Konsolidatorapril 14, 2021

Make optimal use of your data with Power BI, and make an impact High-level reports are crucial to get a clear overview of your business’ finance, and the relationships between all your strategic measures. But the value of your data